$ 299.00



  • At-Home Whitening plus Whitening on the go
  • Enough for 20-25 Treatments
  • Dental Grade Formulation as In-Office Dental Whitening
  • Brush Tip Applicator Convenient, Easy to use
  • Refills available



  • Innovative 16LED Mouth Piece
  • Smart Phone Connectable (IPhone, Android) USB
  • Water proof Mouth Piece for easy cleaning
  • Most Innovative Whitening System of 2017


Introducing the NUOVAGLO Revolutionary 16 LED Whitening System.

Offering the best of both Worlds in Whitening, in-home, and on-the-go Whitening. Our Cutting-Edge LED technology powered by 16LED is one the most innovative mouth piece accelerator whitening systems out in 2017. This Systems features FDA compliant USA made Hydrogen Peroxide Gel formulation. Pairing both our high powered 16LED Whitening light with our KOSHER USA made Whitening gel, provides a dental grade whitening experience with out the need of chair-side assurance. NUOVAGLO is Pioneering the industry with our smart phone connectable accelerator system.Best of all start seeing results after your first 25 minute treatment. Put that Glo back in your smile!


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